GAIA Environmental Conservancy is a  company set up in 1998 to create private conservation areas and has their headquarters in Kerala, India. The company acquires degraded lands in marginal areas, and restores them to ecological health. We also run, as well as provide support for programs and projects in:

  • ecological research
  • environmental education & training programs
  • ecotourism
  • public awareness


Restoration Research

We make our land available as a field laboratory to carry out experiments and collect data, for ecological restoration, watershed hydrology, succession and regeneration studies.


We provide facilities for tourists and other interested individuals to come see the beauty of nature and help them understand why we do what we do.

Environmental Education & Training Programs

We run certificate courses and field training programs in nursery propagation, and field operation protocols for ecological restoration and conservation area management. In collaboration with other institutions and people, we also conduct workshops for naturalists, birders and wildlife and conservation enthusiasts.

Public Awareness

We aim to run campaigns, workshops and interpretation programs to spread the message about the importance of conservation and ecological restoration.